Bring out your urbanite side or surrender to the charm of vintage pieces. Install a technological base unit, keep everything in order or preserve the privacy of every household member. What is your priority?

Just as you recollect every memory and every passage of your life, bathroom furniture units are conceived to store and preserve what you value most in such an intimate space. You might be a modern soul that searches for the latest design, a fan of gadgets, a born organizer or someone infatuated with retro design. Whether you live alone or with someone, Roca base units will adapt to your personality because, with no exceptions, we all love to have everything in place.

1. Beyond, for urban spirits

The hustle and bustle of the city perfectly fits with your lifestyle, there is no time to make a pause and you need to move quickly. As your tastes and hopes are a reflection of how fast your mind works, you can only opt for a bathroom vanity with a cutting-edge design and great storage capacity, with four drawers and a length of 1600 mm.

Stand out in a crowd with the Beyond basins in Surfex® or the in countertop basins in Fineceramic® in up to six different colors. You can choose from a wide range of cabinets for bathroom in different sizes with the option of combining doors and drawers, featuring the modern push-to-open system.

2. Carmen, for the real nostalgic

Your way of dealing with things is to look at the past and take up those values that challenge the passage of time. When lines turned into curves and curves turned into edges, the pieces and objects became works of art. A way of understanding design and decoration that keeps its appeal intact and continues to captivate you.

Relive the vintage style with the Carmen vanity units, characterized by their handcrafted carving or their classic surfaces in veined marble. With drawers only or combined with doors, you can choose between two dimensions and two finishes for the countertop and the wooden material.

3. Stratum, for tech geeks

Your phone calls have become videoconferences, cash payments are now made through your mobile phone and your watch is now a sophisticated smartphone. As everything you touch is technology-based, you also look for it in your base unit.

Stay connected in the bathroom space thanks to the Bluetooth® speakers of Stratum, which you can synchronize with your smartwatch. While you listen to the latest news or your favorite songs, find all your things easily thanks to its interior lighting and plug your shaver or hair dryer into its additional power socket.

4. Prisma, for neat freaks

Every room, every corner is a new space where to establish your rules. As you love to organize everything, the concealed divisions are ideal to keep all your things in place and under control.

Prioritize order in the bathroom thanks to the internal dividers and the concealed drawer, designed to store small items. The Prisma bathroom vanities can have between one and four drawers and, additionally, they may offer extra space on the asymmetrical shelf of its basins.

5. Victoria-N, for large families

The new members of the household have increased the levels of love and happiness, but also the need for organization. So that everyone has their own place and along with it, their corresponding amount of privacy, Roca has designed vanity units with up to 6 drawers with fully leveled metallic handles.

With plenty of possibilities, the Victoria-N bathroom furniture units in the Family version allow each member of the family to have an allocated drawer and, additionally, everyday objects may be placed on the integrated shelf of the basin.