4 ideas for lighting an interior bathroom

Discover some products that will make your bathroom stand out for itself.

Out of ideas to light up an interior bathroom? You might be interested to know that not only magicians, genies or fairies are able to light up dark spaces. We are also capable of taking light to any corner of our home with the help of functional products and solutions. As apartments in cities tend to be increasingly smaller and there are often interior spaces, such as bathrooms or guest bathrooms, that require a good lighting, we provide you with ideas to light up an interior bathroom with some of the most innovative products in the market.

Iridia, perimeter light

Mirrors are very useful elements to light up bathrooms with no natural light. Iridia is a mirror with integrated perimeter light available in different rectangular and round dimensions. Enveloping, neutral and warm, Iridia’s luminous flux is emitted from all sides of the mirror, creating a relaxing bathroom atmosphere. Iridia’s light is activated by pressing one of the two integrated buttons and its intensity is regulated by pressing the button for a long time. The other button activates the demister device, which is automatically deactivated after one hour in case you forget to switch it off before leaving.


Prisma, Touchless technology

Continuing with the bathroom mirrors with light, Prisma is a modern rectangular proposal, available in a wide range of dimensions. It stands out for its upper LED light, lower ambient lighting and demister device, all features being activated by motion sensors thanks to the integrated Touchless technology.


Smartlight, customised lighting

When lighting a bathroom we need to take into account that it might already have a mirror. In these cases, if we wish to increase the lighting in the bathroom, we can choose other options, such as a spotlight with LED lighting like Smartlight. Conceived for those people that like to customise every detail of their homes, Smartlight includes a remote control that provides access to three different lighting options: make-up, shaving or ambient light.


Moonlight, warm LED light

Finally, another very versatile solution for LED spotlights is Moonlight. In a matt steel finish, Moonlight hangs from the mirror and thanks to the LED technology, provides the perfect flow of light to carry out your hygiene routines with the greatest comfort possible.