We present fixed panels and shower enclosures with swing, folding or sliding doors ready to adapt to the dimensions and layout of your bathroom.

In their multiple versions and styles, enclosures are the ideal solutions to protect the bathrooms with shower, as they minimize splashing and the proliferation of dampness. If you require assistance to choose your shower screen, at Roca you will find a large variety of models with very resistant and easy-to clean glass doors. Discover swing, folding, sliding and fixed screens in an array of versions, custom-made shower enclosures that you can choose with or without profiles, and with different finishes, to fully customize the bathroom space.

If you have decided to protect your shower tray with a screen, the first thing you need to do is to precisely measure its contour and analyze the distribution of each element in your bathroom. The goal is to install a model with the suitable dimensions and the exact configuration you require. After opting for a front, Walk-in or corner entrance, take a look at what the different types of Roca screens can offer.

Fixed panels offer multiple configuration options: not only do they come in different formats and sizes, they also allow the customization of the glass finishes to provide more or less privacy. If you search for functionality, Mistral innovates in bathrooms with shower as they include a practical stainless steel towel rail in their minimalistic enclosure with no profiles. If you prefer a configurable model, you can choose from a silver, white or black profile in collections like Line, which invites you to combine the panel with another fixed one and even with a smaller swing glass door, designed to prevent splashing outside the shower area.

If you prefer swing screens for your bathroom with shower, there are numerous solutions with one or two glass panels that can be opened up to a maximum of 180º. Depending on the layout, choose a front or corner entrance and only opt for moving panels or combined with fixed ones. You can adapt the size and opening of the enclosure to the available space, install it with or without profiles and with different glass finishes. And if you are going to renovate the bathroom for the elderly, for users with reduced mobility or because the family is growing, do not hesitate to install the Access screens, which feature swing doors that can be fully or halfway opened to allow aided grooming from the outside.

If you search for an enclosure for small bathrooms, one ideal option would be the folding screens because the door folds in on itself and does not require as much space to open. These customized shower screens are available in see-through fumato or matt glass and in the Jade, Jasper and Quartz finishes. The Easy collection invites you to complement them with the Maxiclean® treatment, also available for other Roca enclosures to make the cleaning of the bathroom easier as it repels water and prevents lime and dirt from building up on the glass.

Finally, one of the most popular solutions are the sliding screens, perfect for small guest bathrooms but also for larger ones as they provide the option of installing two or more panels. Depending on the arrangement of the different elements in your bathroom, combine fixed panels and sliding doors that in most cases can be easily detached to clean between the two glass panes. In addition to having different dimensions and finishes, you can choose shower enclosures like Ura and Naray, which enable you to replace the drill with a high-quality adhesive fixation. Also models like the new Victoria screens, which in addition to having a lower profile that ensures watertightness also have two practical handles to help you open the doors.