Change your countertop, your sink and your kitchen faucet in the simplest way possible.

There are things in life as easy as counting to three. For instance, a kitchen renovation that only changes what is essential. Refurbishing the sink area has never been easier, especially if you know how to choose the perfect products. Combine faucets with an outstanding performance or those conceived to economize with original and resistant colored kitchen sinks. If you are thinking of updating the kitchen, we have several proposals that will allow you to bring a new look to this area of the house without any masonry work. Shall we get started?

1. Opt for a quartz kitchen sink

If you wish to renovate the kitchen without any worries, the sink is doubtlessly one of the easiest elements you can replace and at the same time, it will have the greatest impact on the final result. If you opt for installing a colored kitchen sink, for instance, you will fully change the interior design by introducing an extraordinarily functional element. Choose a Quarzex® kitchen sink in White, Black or Grey with a pleasant natural texture. It can be combined with the furniture or tiles offering a striking resistance to high temperatures, shocks and abrasive products.

2. Install a modern kitchen faucet

And now that we mention colors, what about faucets? With Mencia you will be able to choose kitchen faucets to match the finish of the sink as there are options in White, Black, Titanium and Chrome. If, on the other hand, you opt for a more traditional chrome finish, there is always the option of combining design and new features. For instance, in the Syra collection you will find a retractable kitchen faucet that allows you to extend the spout to make rinsing easier.

3. Innovate with a thinbig® countertop

To finish changing the kitchen quickly and efficiently, you will be pleased to know that you can design a countertop with large-format tiles of extraordinary performance.

The thinbig® wall tiles allow users to create surfaces with pieces of up to 120×240 cm in different textures: a countertop that imitates marble like Calacatta, a surface that recalls cement like Downtown or a tribute to volcanic rock like Stone.

Whether you choose the natural finish of Textil or the glossy polished finish of the immaculate Pure, all thinbig® countertops will provide you with the maximum hardness, with surfaces that will resist shocks, wear and tear or the passage of time. Thanks to its zero porosity, thinbig® also prevents water leaks and the proliferation of humidity and bacteria.

As mentioned before, it is as easy as counting to three… Before you know it, your kitchen renovation will be ready.