Natural materials are the best complement to bring the designs of other eras or a rural flair to your home with bathroom furniture, basin faucets or hydraulic tiles with a worn or handcrafted look.

An example of the magical balance between the old and the renovated, between the aged and the functional, today’s rustic bathrooms are welcoming and comfortable without sacrificing state-of-the-art features. Thus, they envelop us with a mixture of untreated materials and pieces in unique textures and finishes without losing any practicality. Combined with ceiling beams or visible traps that inspire simplicity and austerity, bathroom furniture resorts to wooden options such as ash or oak and shower trays find inspiration in slate and its sobriety. But there are also elements like hydraulic tiles or vintage faucets that, in perfect balance with porcelain wooden floors or tiles that replicate stone, encourage us to reconnect, to blend with nature and tradition.

We provide 3 reasons to opt for rustic bathrooms when you make a renovation, 3 motives that will reactivate your 5 senses…

1. The warmth of home

Home is that place we shape in accordance to our liking, including everything we need to feel at ease and safe, sheltered even if a storm breaks out. As a reflection of this, the rustic style recalls the atmosphere of country houses, inviting us to gather around the hearth, to enjoy a big family dinner or a long talk that replaces any impersonal screen.

With wood as the base of its warmth, recalling that ornamental furniture we recover from the past, the Carmen collection commits to the forcefulness of Dark Grey in doors and drawers with original carving and to marble in its classic bathroom countertops.

If you prefer a more modern option, the elegance of ash is present in the Natura structure units or in the Heima solutions, to be combined with an endless array of basins. There is also the Lander collection and its floorstanding rustic furniture units that can opt for the City Oak finish, also available in the Savana countertops, with damp-proof and water-resistant wood.

2. The importance of details

Nothing is left to chance in the decoration of rustic bathrooms. From the dents or veins found in wood to the worn or even rusty look of some pieces, every finish and every texture has its meaning.

Shapes also express themselves, with whimsical designs in basins or shower faucets or in freestanding baths with metallic feet where each curve, each line is a tribute to detail.

Shapes that come to life in the Carmen collection, in basins with baroque edges that stand out for their slim pedestal or WCs with retro details such as the side lever that activates the cistern flush.

3. The charm of craftsmanship

The uniqueness of a piece by piece creation, far from industrial mass production, finds its place in modern rustic bathrooms. One element can have the charm of an imperfect execution or an untreated material, but also the originality of a drawing or pattern.

Reinterpreting the hardness of slate, resin shower trays join the character of rough finishes with proposals such as Aquos, Terran or Helios, which emphasize the handcrafted look with their light and dark aged finishes.

The tiles that replicate wood of the Bosco collection also recall a manual production, as well as the pieces that imitate clay and stone in the Terre line. To round out the tribute to craftsmanship, you can combine them with the vegetal weave of the Deko versions of Terre, with the hydraulic tiles of Art or Niza, as well as with the zellige mosaics with color tesserae of St Tropez.

Between naturalness and the most modern features, with finishes that seem worn but do not leave anything to chance, rustic bathrooms are updated to move from the countryside to the city and to encourage us to stop, to regain tranquility, to find balance and peace.