Universal accessibility

Universal accessibility in the health and social health care sector with the Clear Code Architecture® methodology applied to the bathroom space.

April 2023

Roca Barcelona Gallery

Universal accessibility is a pending task in our immediate environment.

At some point, we all may experience limitations in accessing our surroundings. Limited mobility can affect people with temporary or permanent injuries, pregnant women, children, or the elderly, for example. It's important to recognize that the disability is created by the environment, not by the person.

Designing our products and spaces responsibly can ensure more inclusive environments and provide continuous and accessible spaces for everyone, in both public and private areas.

Roca Barcelona Gallery hosts a roundtable discussion with key figures from the health and social health care sectors. The discussion focuses on presenting a new approach to the planning and understanding of universal accessibility, using the Clear Code Architecture® method developed by PMMT Architecture as a reference.

What is Clear Code Architecture®?
Clear Code Architecture® is a parametric method that objectively assesses the level of universal accessibility of a built space and helps to improve it. The methodology involves thirteen categories that encompass all potential needs for any individual in any space. Each category is given a percentage score based on how accessible it is. 

In this discussion we will delve deeper into these concepts so they can be integrated into our projects, allowing us to create spaces accessible to all users to thrive with the greatest possible autonomy.

Jordi Corral, Head of Global Innovation at Roca Group.
Luis Gotor, Direcotr of Projects at PMMT Arquitectura.
Marc Freyre, Director de Infrastructure at Clínica Corachan.
Mohamed El Amrani, partner at Suara Cooperativa.
Ferran Rodríguez Omedes, Director of Infrastructure and Engineering at Hospital Clínic Barcelona.
Maria Isabel Gabarró, Strategic Business Manager at PMMT Arquitectura.