Space optimization in a small bathroom requires high creativity levels… And amazingly functional solutions!

A creative challenge for any interior designer, a small bathroom renovation can be a chance to equip your home with innovative products or two-in-one solutions that make the most of the available space and add a modern and dynamic touch. Suppose you plan the renovation of a compact bathroom or a guest toilet. In that case, we bring proposals that make use of every centimetre without sacrificing comfort, order, and the latest features in a fundamental area for families.

WCs that clean with water

If there is not enough space for a bidet, you’ll be glad to know that you don’t have to give up intimate hygiene with water. Increasingly widespread in Europe, smart toilets allow you to enjoy the comfort of a washing function with personalised options for water temperature and drying.

Available in five models, In-Wash® has wall-hung versions that free up space under the toilet and even an option without cistern, In-Wash® In-Tank® to gain up to 20 centimetres.

Another possibility would be to install Multiclean®, a seat compatible with most Roca toilets that only requires a water and power connection to transform your conventional WC into a smart one.

Barrier-free spaces

If you plan to install a shower area, remember the importance of removing any architectural barriers to increase the feeling of spaciousness. Most extra slim shower trays can be cut to size to be installed at floor level in any bathroom. All models in the Terran collection, for instance, feature a textured surface similar to stone in seven finishes to choose the one that adapts to your style.

Another element that can also be present in a small bathroom renovation is the shower enclosure, as there are very light options that protect the floor from splashing without compromising space. An example of this is the Easy collection, which you can install from 600 mm upwards.

Two-in-one solutions

If you are a fan of industrial design, you might take the opportunity of refurbishing a small bathroom to install a truly revolutionary system. Roca’s W+W is a basin with an integrated toilet that filters the water used in the basin to flush the toilet. Awarded with numerous international prizes, this solution combines innovation and efficiency in barely 860 mm.

Cabinet mirrors

With modern and minimalist designs far removed from the models of yesteryear, cabinet mirrors return as an updated classic. In a small bathroom or guest toilet, these compact furniture units will allow you to keep all your toiletries safely stored and make the most of the space over the basin. With LED lighting and a mirror on the back of each door, models such as Eidos significantly increase storage capacity in dimensions ranging from 600 to 1000 mm, while Luna offers the possibility of installing one or several doors.

Compact furniture units

A good solution is a small vanity unit for those with little available space. There are base units with reduced depth perfect for a narrow bathroom or to gain space around the basin. With Ona, you have an ultra-compact option, 400 or 450 mm wide, and a broad range of dimensions in compact versions with two drawers. The Gap allows you to keep everything tidily stored with a reduced depth of 380 mm and a length of 500 mm. If you wish to go even further, the Mini collection, with a reduced depth of 250 mm and a width of 450 mm, will allow you to store towels and toiletries while taking even less space.

Every challenge opens the door to creativity, and these ideas and solutions will help you plan a small bathroom renovation that includes everything you need. Compact solutions and innovative technologies join in shaping bathrooms that make the most of the available space.