Tiles to decorate a bathroom in dark colours

What if we think outside the box?

As our bathroom space is like a blank sheet of paper in which to write our story, and our story might be a long one, you will be interested to know that the new proposals of wall and floor tiles will allow you to make fascinating combinations of tiles for bathrooms in dark hues. Let yourself be carried away by the most intense colours, choose the most innovative textures and allow your home to suggest what’s in your heart. From the sobriety of industrial inspiration to the penetrating shades of the savannah, we bring you a catalogue of possibilities that will convey why you are so special.

Colette, delicate French soul

The aged texture and the colour strokes define a rectangular shaped wall tile filled with French sophistication. With the original Navy leading the way, Colette is available in five additional hues -White, Grey, Blue, Beige and Vison- and is perfect to bring a delicate feminine character to small bathrooms.

Bathroom with Colette tiles in dark colours

Cricket, blurred cement

If you dream of recreating the worn away floors of a factory, you will be able to do this with Cricket without having to give up the latest features of ceramic tiles. In Grey, Sand and Vison colours, this collection replicates the changing relief of cement and its rectangular plates are able to bring opposites together: softness and rotundity, clear and dark hues, rural and urban.

Bathroom with Cricket tiles in dark colours

Derby, urban geometries

When industrial inspiration joins the most urban sophistication, modern proposals like Derby arise, a charismatic collection in which polished cement with blurred frames combines with original mesh made up of small grids or hexagons in Black, Grey, Beige and Vison.

Bathroom with Derby tiles in dark colours

Masai, ethnic soul

In White, Sand and Graphite colours, Masai is inspired by the traditional jewellery of one of the most fascinating tribes in Africa, proposing a sober colour range and an original geometrical and three-dimensional relief which will add a subtle nature to your bathroom space.

Bathroom with Masai tiles in dark colours


Finally, the widest range can be found in one of the most elegant and comprehensive tile collections. Inspired by the construction elements of Le Corbusier or Mies van der Rohe, Plaster-Melt presents six colours -White, Grey, Anthracite, Sand and Taupe-, three formats, three decorative combinations and two finishes. Along with the monochrome effect of handmade cement, its decorative proposals nod to vintage hydraulically inspired geometries, helping you to define a bathroom space with a timeless spirit.

Bathroom with Plaster-Melt tiles in dark colours