Wallpaper beyond walls… Geometric brush-strokes or natural scenery on decorative tiles for the most sophisticated interior design.

If you long for your former walls, those 1960s wall tiles filled with textures and striking patterns, the tiles that replicate wallpaper have been able to recover their special design in ways you could never have imagined. In a striking 80×80 mm format, today we present decorative tiles that increase the hardness of their initial inspiration, while bursting as the most original floor tile. There is nothing like porcelain tiles to reinvent tradition with trendy pieces, nature scenes or geometric tiles that will differentiate your kitchen or bathroom with a renovated retro style.

Momentum. A bird’s eye view

With an exquisite English vocation, the tiles with drawings of the Momentum collection will make you fly to bucolic country houses surrounded by forests and meadows. Its main protagonists are birds, portrayed in full flutter or perched on tree branches. Playing with perspectives, these decorated tiles are available in Gris, with green and blue motifs; or in Arena, with green and yellow details. Choose a warm or cool range of colors and see how their slight color gradation brings together the profiles of the fabric and cement, an ideal look to replicate the most traditional wallpaper.

Claqué. The symmetry of the rhombus

To speak of the Deko version of Claqué is to speak of geometrical tiles that become authentic decorative tiles, a composition of rhombuses that combines its delicious symmetrical balance with the final touch of its rectified edges. Due to their worn cement appearance, these tiles like wallpaper are perfect for industrially inspired spaces. Although they are available in Negro and Gris, you will see they bring together the most diverse chromatic shades with a perfect satin finish for reviving in your home the decoration that set the trend in the 1960s and 1970s.

Couvet. Tropical fineness

Only Couvet can bring together in one single proposal the sobriety of stone and a tropical atmosphere inspired by palm leaves. An idyllic combination that makes the most of its rectified edges and natural finish to obtain continuous surfaces that will take you to a different world. In Perla or Arena, these decorative tiles not only replicate the unique features of stoneware, their particular pattern will also recall the most evocative wallpaper.