Tiles with a marble effect add personality and warmth to any space, in an interplay of vintage memories.

Between classicism and Art Deco, between the magnificent Baroque halls and minimalistic simplicity, polished stone makes a comeback in tiles that look like marble, shaping charismatic interiors in different styles. From the single-colored grain to the iridescence in sulfide or cobalt, porcelain tiles replicate the wonders of nature in highly practical tiles. And porcelain tiles allow us to enjoy a 21st century performance in timeless proposals that transform any space with extraordinarily resistant options in large formats. Starting with the whites, refined and aseptic, shifting to the blue hues, which connect with nature’s energy and finishing with the intense black colors. Be surprised by an example of sophistication and character.

Classicism in light hues

Tiles with a marble effect provide a high level of sophistication, achieving their most luminous effect in light hues. Therefore, proposals such as Marmore Parana, Boheme White, Calacata Gold and even Renoir Gold recall the spacious classic halls, open and splendid, and invite us to conceive our interiors with solid furniture and symmetrical compositions.  Designs combining wood and metal are ideal for these white oases transformed into real sources of wellbeing.

Nature in color

The most avant-garde and daring spirits will prefer to opt for colorful proposals that reconnect with nature. The blue hues with brown grains of Marble Nouveau and the grey colors with grooves of Hangar Ciment are good examples of the “forest” effect generated by spaces renovated with the sophisticated tiles that look like marble. Color is a boost to our vital energy, which can be easily combined with industrial decor, while keeping a welcoming atmosphere. Bauhaus-style furniture and large metallic lamps are ideal for the creation of spaces with tiles with a marble effect in blue and grey hues. And if you prefer to add a warmer touch, you can combine these tiles with rustic furniture in a boho-chic twist.

Dark hues to return to Mid Century

The color palette of tiles with a marble effect takes us to the intense black shades that convey strength and determination. Proposals such as Venato Black, Noir St. Laurent and Sahara Noir will be the foundations of a sophisticated Mid Century interior design. The dramatic effect of black allows for multiple combinations with furniture of simple lines and straight angles in a combination that is synonymous with elegance in its pure state. Even the industrial style of the 1970s with metal beams, bricks and exposed pipes perfectly fits with these tiles with a marble effect that provide brightness and a feeling of movement and dynamism.

There are as many possibilities as the array of colors found in Roca’s tiles that look like marble. As there is life beyond white color, dare to design your space with new hues.