Because when it comes to ceramic tiles lightness and resistance can go hand in hand.

There are moments in life when we need to think big. In life, at work and why not, even when choosing the kitchen and bathroom tiles. Thinbig® is an exclusive ceramic product by Roca that will revolutionize the way you plan your project, even allowing the creation of elegant and robust combinations for domestic and outdoor spaces. With its large format as a highlight, its minimum thickness contrasts with an outstanding resistance to shape not only floors, walls and facades, but also original furniture designs with elegant finishes that will exude style in the most demanding settings.

Maximum resistance, maximum adaptability

Thinbig® is a colored porcelain tile able to adapt to the most diverse spaces by keeping its original tone and appearance intact despite use and the passage of time. Thus, it is not only synonymous with maximum quality in kitchen and bathroom tiles, but due to its hardness, it is the ideal solution for highly transited spaces or open air facades. In addition to being very resistant to impacts and scratches, it withstands extreme temperatures, sunlight or humidity.

With an outstanding anticorrosive property, Thinbig® avoids water leaks, as it reduces the joints between tiles to the maximum preventing the proliferation of bacteria thanks to its zero porosity. Therefore, if you believed you could only use it on floors and walls, you will be surprised to find out the possibilities it offers as a kitchen countertop, as a nautical coating or even as a customized covering for your furniture.

And if all these were not enough, Thinbig® is very easy to clean: you can just use water and the usual products to remove any stain from its surface.

Minimum thickness, maximum lightness

With Thinbig®, maximum resistance contrasts with an exceptional lightness, in 6 mm thick tiles or even less. The pieces emphasize their delicateness with fine and rectified edges that enable compositions where joints are barely visible.

In renovations, their reduced thickness allows the placing of pieces on top of the existing ones, in order to speed up the works and avoid debris.

Large format, multiple possibilities

The ceramic proposal of Thinbig® offers a double format that is larger than usual: square, 120×120 mm, and rectangular, 120×240 mm.

In addition to the smooth tiles, there are also kitchen or bathroom tiles with an elegant 30×30 mm mesh and complementary pieces such as steps and skirting.

Five collections to choose from

Because porcelain tiles that pursue excellence need to offer solutions for everyone, the large format of Thinbig® results in five collections that suit the most diverse styles. Regardless of your choice, these bathroom or kitchen tiles exude naturalness thanks to their de-toned look, which gives them a slight variety of shade that tries to reproduce the nuances of nature, also in the pieces with the final polishing process.

You only need to decide what message you wish to convey with the kitchen and bathroom tiles and choose your Thinbig® collection: