Install the Fabric and Tweed tiles as if they were tapestries on walls or dense carpets on kitchen and bathroom floors.

Fabrics invite us to stroke them, to identify their weaves when they come in touch with our hands. In the same way, Fabric and Tweed kitchen or bathroom tiles unfold their personality not only with their four colors, but also with their special texture, very pleasant to the touch. On walls and floors, these bathroom and kitchen tiles are capable of replicating the softness of knitwear or carpets to provide warmth to any modern interior. Discover how the most delicate ceramics incorporates the outstanding performance of porcelain tiles to ensure maximum resistance and durability both in public and private spaces.

Your kitchen or bathroom wall tiles like a canvas

Recovering the style of wallpaper or the most elegant tapestries, the Fabric and Tweed kitchen and bathroom tiles propose versatile and sophisticated hues resembling smooth fabrics or jacquard herringbone designs. White, Grey, Graphite and Sand add a touch of color not only in rectangular pieces in different sizes, but also in hexagon-like geometric tiles. With the special look of wool or the warp of linen, do not hesitate to choose these warm and welcoming bathroom and kitchen tiles, thanks to their natural color gradation and their rectified edges that soften the joints to create an enveloping effect.

Bathroom and kitchen floors as comfortable as a rug

The warmth of a carpet can be replicated with floor tiles, playing with the weaves chosen as wall tiles. Large-sized formats such as the 60×120 cm kitchen and bathroom tiles are ideal to simulate tapestries aligned with a delicate texture that almost invites us to lie down. And if we complement the floors with the steps or skirting of Fabric and Tweed, every corner will pay tribute to fabrics, showing that a tile can go far beyond its finish to activate all your senses.