With a thorough selection of Roca ceramic tiles, Loewe recovers the aesthetics of the 1960s in its iconic shops.

Craftsmanship, tradition and sobriety are the three concepts brought together in the selection of Roca tiles inspired by the tribute the exclusive Loewe stores have paid to their first author, the Spanish architect Javier Carvajal. The restyling of the stores is intended to be a return to the splendor of the 1960s, when the leather goods house located on Serrano Street in Madrid underwent a major internal renovation, setting the trend among luxury brands. In that historic intervention, the commercial space was designed as an artistic unit at the service of fashion. The proposal, inspired by the rationalist architecture of the time, was defined by large windows that provided a feeling of continuity with the exterior and warm wooden ceilings. Spanish Marquina marble on the facade and the pink granite of the displays rounded out a combination of exquisite elegance and naturalness that is brought back today with new materials. And in order to enhance this architectural legacy, Roca has selected an array of pieces with a marked color contrast and finishes in marble, terrazzo and wood that convey a subtle feeling of wellbeing. A commitment to noble materials along with the modern features of ceramics: outstanding resistance, great durability and easy cleaning thanks to their zero porosity.

Marble Venato, the elegance of graphite

The whimsical white veins that run through the striated graphite of Marble Venato provide this piece with a high level of sophistication. Available in a 60 x 120 cm format, this polished porcelain tile adds intensity to the design of spaces where sobriety prevails.

Pigment Multicolor, a gesture to terrazzo

The look of classic terrazzo blends with the performance of porcelain tiles to create Pigment. A daring proposal in Multicolor and Lapato or Natural finish that fills any atmosphere with brightness. A touch of freshness and spontaneity available in 80 x 80 cm tiles.

Abbey collection, a tribute to wood

On the floor, the undeniable warmth of untreated wood finds a collection of floor tiles devoid of any ornaments in Abbey. Strips with natural grain reminiscent of rustic floorboards. Available in different sizes that range from 19.5 x 120 cm to 19.5 x 180 cm, these Roca tiles come in four colors, Ash, Oak, Taupe and Grey. Moreover, they can be installed in different settings as they are available in a natural or antislip finish for outdoor or wet zones.