Renovate your bathroom in just 3 steps with 3R

Discover 3R, Roca's Bathroom Planner.

If you have ever dreamt of designing spaces like architects, interior designers or draughtsmen do, of drawing plans like a real professional, then this is your lucky day. Roca’s 3R Bathroom Planner is a simple and very powerful online tool that will enable you to create the bathroom of your dreams in a simple way, checking the layout and combinations of the products you choose in 2D and 3D. With functions found in programmes for professionals and access to the entire Roca product catalogue, this comprehensive tool to plan the renovation of a bathroom is extraordinarily simple and intuitive and will allow you to try all possible combinations in your computer or tablet until you find the one that suits you best. Don’t hesitate, dare to design your bathroom in just 3 steps.

1 Be inspired by a gallery of styles

Just as in the best interior design magazines, you will find a large selection of proposals, images and inspirational ideas on how to decorate a bathroom in the Gallery of the 3R Bathroom Planner. There you will be able to immerse yourself in the latest trends and start outlining the style you will choose for your bathroom.

3R The Bathroom Planner

2 Choose your ideal combination

As the 3R Bathroom Planner grants access to the entire Roca catalogue, it allows you to combine products from different collections and interior design styles. Moreover, as you select products and finishes, the tool will create an approximate budget that will be updated in real time with every change.

3R The Bathroom Planner

3 Visualize your new bathroom space

So that you have as realistic an idea as possible of how your bathroom renovation will look like, the 3R Bathroom Planner will allow you to distribute your product selection on a plan with the real dimensions of your bathroom and shift from a 2D to a 3D visualization, where you will be able to better identify volumes and finishes.

3R The Bathroom Planner

Finally, you will also be able to save your configuration, work on it later, download the list of the products you have selected with all specifications and send your project by email or share it with anyone. If you dream of having a new bathroom, start by designing it with 3R, Roca’s Bathroom Planner.