Find out all about Cratos: a new generation of incredibly hygienic, resistant and safe custom-made shower trays thanks to their innovative antislip texture.

There are different ways of doing things, and at Roca we always strive to choose the best one. For this reason, the Cratos vitreous china shower trays amaze with the one-of-a-kind qualities of the new porcelain compound Senceramic®. Proving it is possible to enhance the most hygienic material even more, these antislip shower trays greatly increase the performance of vitreous china, thanks to their revolutionary texture, their ultrafine design and 5 modern finishes.

Exclusive texture: antislip shower trays

In addition to their hardness, the Cratos vitreous china shower trays stand out for their antislip property, a result of their revolutionary texture, unprecedented so far in the market. See how its rough surface not only provides you more safety in the bathing area, but also an incredibly pleasant feeling under your feet.

At floor level: extra-slim shower trays

The special formulation of Senceramic® allows the manufacturing of ultrafine shower trays that facilitate the access to the shower area. Leave all architectural barriers behind and find the perfect layout for a fully integrated bathroom renovation.

You choose the size: custom-made shower trays

If you have already surrendered to their resistant surface and extraslim design, wait until you see the cut-to-size option available for the Cratos antislip shower trays. Up to a maximum of 1800×800 mm, Senceramic® offers a whole array of possibilities to fit into any bathroom.

5 finishes: colored shower trays

As there are as many different tastes as lifestyles, the Cratos collection is available in 5 different finishes. Based on your bathroom decoration, choose an Off White, Pearl, Beige, Onyx or Coffee shower tray and find out all the nuances provided by Senceramic® with its original embossed surfaces.

Pore-free: incredibly hygienic shower trays

And last but not least, do not disregard their extremely easy maintenance. As it lacks any pores, vitreous china does not absorb water, resulting in greater hygiene and bathrooms that are easier to clean. And if you add the extraordinary resistance offered by Cratos to practically any product—even the more abrasive ones— you won’t have to bother with their care.