Strategically distribute doors and windows... Arrange, light up and choose vitreous china accessories or wooden bathroom furniture to create a warm space where everything flows.

Let yourself be inspired so that your bathroom renovation not only transforms your home, but also puts an end to bad vibrations. Retain the energy where you renew yourself every morning or where you push the off-button before going to bed, thanks to an ancient wisdom: the Feng Shui philosophy. For thousands of years, this Chinese doctrine has ensured balance and harmony within the home… Today we reveal not only the materials and colors you have to surround yourself with, but also small tricks to turn your bathroom into a true source of peace.

The millenary theory defined as “Feng” (wind) and “Shui” (water) aims to harmonize the environments to benefit our well-being, taking as a reference chi energy —found in people and objects— and the Bagua map —which defines the ideal organization of space—. According to this belief, the bathroom should always be located far away from the kitchen and the entrance to the home… Whether it’s your case or not, today we wish to provide you with several Feng Shui tips to renovate the bathroom, so that you will be able to channel the best vibrations and compensate the excess of water which, according to the wise men, implies a greater loss of energy.

The first Feng Shui tip focuses on avoiding the loss of positive energy in the bathroom… Thus, you need to close doors and windows and most of all, make sure that the WC cover is always closed, and the drains are covered, for instance with practical ceramic plugs or with the click-clack system. In order to continue balancing the environment, it is essential that the shower faucets or the WC work perfectly, with no leaks or breakages; that the bathroom is always clean and that order is always present, with enclosures that clearly separate spaces or with bathroom accessories that help you organize such as towel rails, soap dishes or toilet roll holders.

To compensate the excess of water, a bathroom renovation in accordance with Feng Shui needs to reinforce the presence of the other four elements: Fire, Earth, Metal and Wood. The perfect way to achieve it is by choosing wooden bathroom furniture such as Lander, countertops like Savana, basin structures like Natura or baths such as the 2000 mm version of Modo, which includes a drawer in Oak finish. To increase the presence of Fire and Earth, you can use colors such as orange, green or brown, for instance, with the Beyond basins, WCs and bidets in Coffee, one of the five new hues offered by this modern collection. Beyond vitreous china, do not hesitate to fill your bathroom tiles or any decorative complement with color… Those which are less recommended, due to their low energy, are metallic finishes, white, black and grey.

The Feng Shui philosophy also encourages to increase the warmth of space, with candles, plants, wicker baskets or vitreous china bathroom accessories where you can place sea salt to absorb humidity. Good lighting is also a must… Thus, if there is insufficient natural light, do not hesitate to install smart spotlights such as Smartlight and make the most of bathroom mirrors, or white tiles such as Whites or Silence, to increase brightness with their reflection.

Finally, to let chi energy flow, nothing better than soft and rounded shapes, at the expense of right angles. With this in mind, your bathroom renovation should include elements such as Round basins, WCs and bidets from the Inspira collection or baths such as Alena, manufactured with the pleasant natural texture of Surfex®.

Would you like to create a Feng Shui bathroom? Follow these tips to let positive energy flow into your home and into the main facets of your life: health, work, love… Can you think of any other?