Discover new textures in large-format pieces and delicate geometrical tiles that replicate wood or stone.

Caress with your gaze, contemplate with your hands… Embossed tiles are pieces that captivate both your sight and touch, tiles filled with nuances and attractive finishes for a bathroom renovation that makes an impression. Thanks to its original textures, the new ceramic proposals in 40×120 cm appear as a convincing option for wall tiles, while smaller bathroom tiles replicate very different mosaics in crafted decorative reliefs.

Chaplin tiles

The texture of untreated wood, the effect of white body in motion, the harshness of stone, the versatility of granite… When materials come to life and claim their prominence, choosing a wall tile goes beyond deciding between sober or joyful colors, it means choosing embossed tiles that highlight the beauty of touch, the soft mesh of the most alluring compositions. Although there are a thousand ways to stand out, there isn’t anything as forceful as a bathroom tile in 40×120 cm, with rectified edges that soften joints for a fully enveloping effect. Opt for the naturalness of the delicate strips of Abbey or the minimalistic industrial pieces of Couvet… Stand out even more with the satin lines of Silence or the geometrical tiles of Whites: disordered triangles of panoramic symmetry as refined as their unique matt or gloss finish.

In a more reduced size, bathroom tiles in 30×90.2 cm explore new patterns and designs with appealing textures and colors. See how Chelsea replicates irregular cement walls or the light waves of a calm sea, while Hotel adds perfectly aligned embossed rectangles to its wavy framework. The exotic Masai commits to the matt finish with a checkerboard of strategically dim edges while Weekend offers two options: a succession of squares that play with dimensions or embossed tiles that replicate wooden planks in different hues.

Because a bathroom renovation can highlight the smallest tessera, we cannot forget the smallest ceramic tiles, in 21.4×61 cm. The joy of Samba is expressed in its weaves with smaller or larger squares, Weekend experiments with asymmetrical prisms with different reliefs and finally, Chaplin reinvents cement with its industrial 3D micromosaic.

If you do not want to go unnoticed, surprise with bathroom tiles that go far beyond the eye to stimulate touch, to rediscover spaces and play with them. Are you up for it?