Discover spike-shaped or hexagonal tiles in a wide range of decorative mesh.

There are universal languages and shapes that can bring balance to our home, such as geometrical bathroom tiles, which transmit order and harmony thanks to their mathematical perfection. With highly defined lines and figures, these decorative tiles do not leave anything to chance. They invite to create the most original compositions by combining hexagonal, rectangular or spike-shaped tiles to achieve a high impact bathroom renovation.

The powerful hexagon effect

Few figures like the hexagon achieve so much with so little, and for this reason styles like the Mid Century make the most of it. The perfect alignment of its six sides provides these geometrical tiles with the ideal symmetry as an effective counterpoint to break the monotony of uniform bathroom walls and floors.

Join this trend with the Derby collection and its 15×15 cm hexagons. With a slight color grading, this is the perfect choice to decorate bathrooms in an industrial or minimalistic style. See how its four colors -Gris, Negro, Beige and Visón- replicate the imperfections of cement with undefined frames and the final touch of its satin finish.

Finding inspiration in English stone, Legend relies on hexagonal tiles that show a color variation with unified veins under the same tone. With mesh made up of four 15×15 cm hexagons, the collection allows users to choose from Blanco, Grafito, Visón and Arena, with a satin finish that recalls the hardness and natural nuances of stone.

When the hexagon slenderizes, we achieve teardrop-shaped geometrical bathroom tiles that, regardless of their smaller size, create a high impact mosaic. In 30×30 cm decorative mesh, the Poniente collection replicates the roughness of volcanic stone not only in Negro, but also in Gris, Visón and Arena, with a sober matt finish that combines the delicateness of its organic inspiration with the greatest ceramic resistance, ideal to be used as floor tiles.

Meanwhile, Fabric plays with its tiles aligning them symmetrically, but with a perfect fit. As a tribute to fabric, these geometrically-shaped tiles recall the grain of a stitch or the softness of a carpet, with four possible colors in 30×25 cm and a matt finish: Blanco, Gris, Grafito and Arena.

The versatility of rectangular tiles

If you thought rectangular tiles only allowed one kind of installation, then you were wrong, because they can create the most diverse combinations. If you had thought of aligning them, discover these tiles with geometrical patterns that offer a different perspective to let your imagination fly on walls and bathroom or kitchen floors.

The spike-shaped tiles of the Momentum collection invite you to replicate the common layout of wooden floors or ceramic parquet in decorative mesh that will attract all gazes as the ideal complement to plain tiles. Merging the touch of fabric and cement, the collection comes in four satin finishes -Arena, Taupe, Gris and Grafito- in 31.8×35.3 cm meshed pieces.

Finally, the Downtown collection extends rectangular tiles and opts for alternating pieces in different sizes to break away from aesthetics. In its Link mesh, the worn look of cement contrasts with the satin finish and rectified sides of these decorative tiles available in 30×60 cm. In Blanco, Gris, Marengo, Beige, Marrón and Antracita, Downtown enables users to create austere and neutral surfaces featuring great hardness.