Choose from a wide range of resin, Solid Surface or antislip vitreous china shower trays and round out your bathroom with the exact solution you need.

If you choose all details in a dress, a car or a trip, you will surely do the same when it comes to your bathroom. Roca’s custom-made shower trays not only vary their size to fit into any space, they also do this in different materials and finishes to fill every inch of your home with your personality. Discover how Senceramic® reinvents vitreous china, Surfex® offers its mineral touch and Stonex® inspires with its natural texture to shape antislip shower trays with an elegant extraslim design in white or different colors, depending on the effect you are seeking in your bathroom renovation.

Senceramic®. Tailored shower trays in textured and antislip vitreous china

If you believed that a vitreous china shower tray could no longer surprise you, the Cratos collection has been conceived to change your mind. In addition to the outstanding ceramic properties that guarantee maximum hygiene and resistance, Senceramic® offers its revolutionary antislip texture. You can install these superslim shower trays at floor level and adapt them to the exact dimension of your shower area. You only need to decide which of the five finishes to choose: Matt White, Beige, Coffee, Pearl and Onyx.

Surfex®. Soft mineral touch in custom-made shower trays

Roca’s Solid Surface bursts into the design of shower trays to caress your feet with its silky texture. Within the customizable Modo collection, Surfex® proposes multiple solutions with an outstanding antislip property in an immaculate matt white. Opt for the advantages of its cut-to-size option with a minimum thickness, even under 3 cm, ideal for a fully integrated installation in the bathroom space.

Stonex®. Tailored resin shower trays in natural finishes

If you dream of feeling the elegance of wood or the roughness of stone while water flows over you, Stonex® is essential in your bathroom renovation. The Roca shower trays manufactured in this material are available in many different sizes with an ultrafine design: from square solutions, ideal for small bathrooms, to King Size options, conceived to replace a bath with a shower. Choose the industrial finish with the Cement and Slate shower trays, or opt for warmer ones like Sand or Coral, and round out your shower with a steel grid or a drain with a Stonex® cover in the same color.