Floor tiles, wall tiles or both? Choose from light or sober colors and let your home reveal its personality.

You love to make plans and surround yourself with joyful people. Or perhaps you prefer calmness and peace… Like people, kitchen or bathroom tiles can provide the enthusiasm you need or play with its colors to naturally change your mood. If you seek energetic hues, try Jade or Burdeos; and opt for Biscuit or Tender Gray if you prefer more subtle finishes. Install smooth, decorated or embossed tiles; square, rectangular or inspired by the mythical subway tile… Choose format and color and renovate the bathroom or kitchen leaving your trace in every corner.

To the rhythm of drums and with all the joy of the most famous Brazilian dance… Here comes Samba and its bathroom and kitchen tiles in intense colors such as Rosa, Azul or Jade, ideal for instilling optimism combined with Blanco, Gris or Verde. If the combination of colors is not enough, opt for geometrical tiles or the embossed pieces Suite and Mosaico, which feature aligned squares in different sizes. And if you are searching for an overall look, the collection allows you to cover kitchen and bathroom floors and walls with two formats —21.4×61 or 45×45 cm— and a satin finish that recalls different fabrics and in particular, the touch of tulle.


From the Samba mosaics to the Smart bathroom and kitchen tiles from the Rock Art collection, also designed to convey dynamism as a floor or wall tile with a fresh and original proposal. In 30×30.6 cm, its cut-out pieces resembling a brick wall are available in Azul, Aqua, Verde, Gris and Burdeos. Install them horizontally or innovate with the vertical arrangement and see how its cheerful satin finishes are capable of fully transforming their industrial look.

The Joy collection also suggests installing brick walls or paying tribute to the primitive subway tile in an outstanding array of colors. With its glossy format in 11×25 cm, it invites you to feel the strength of each one of its hues: the clean White, the delicate Velvet Pink, the magenta Burgundy, the Atoll Blue and the Peacoc Green, without forgetting the sober Lavender, Tender Gray and Dark Gray.

With an artisan-like rustic enamel, Maiolica delves into the reinterpretation of the subway tile with kitchen and bathroom tiles in 11×25 cm which not only offers 6 smooth colors —Blanco, Biscuit, Aqua, Taupe, Blue Steel and Tender Grey— but also 5 decorated versions inspired by lace and wallpaper.


Finally, the minimalistic Color Collection opts for kitchen and bathroom tiles in pastel colors: Taupé, White Ice, Biscuit and Tender Gray. In 11×40.5 cm, these tiles are longer and are available in matt or gloss to adapt to classic and more contemporary interior designs.