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InspirationIf we wash everything with water, why don’t we wash everything with water?
Roca leads the revolution of water by means of the Smart Toilets.
TipsCold Start, a small gesture for a great planet
In Roca┬┤s new generation of Cold Start faucets the front opening is exclusively reserved for cold water, thus avoiding an unnecessary waste of energy.
InspirationIn-Tank: toilet and cistern, all in one
Simplicity, aesthetics and easy installation join in one single piece.
InspirationStratum-N, the new definition of comfort
Discover the new Stratum-N furniture unit with Bluetooth® speakers and internal lighting.
TipsRimless toilets, when design helps us clean
At Roca, our latest technology in the design of toilets is based on creating more refined and hygienic shapes that make cleaning easier.