Turn on your tablet or computer and discover 3R, the tool you needed to make the bathroom decoration look exactly as you had dreamed.

Just as there is no chef without knives, no tailor without needles or thimbles, behind a renovation there needs to be a tool like Roca’s online bathroom planner. Who can be better prepared to determine what you need and where it has to be installed than yourself? If this is still new to you, click on 3R and plan your bathroom renovation like a real interior designer…

Because a bathroom for couples is not the same as a bathroom for children, nor are the requirements for an en-suite bathroom similar to those of a bathroom adapted for the elderly… Learn to design your bathroom online by combining Roca products as you please: tiles, WCs, basins or bathroom furniture that you will be able to see in two or three dimensions to select your ideal option, immediately contact and start renovating!

Be inspired by the most diverse bathroom designs

If you have lost count of the interior design magazines you have read, or the specialized blogs you have gone over, the time has come to express what you have been able to imagine. Be one step away from making it a reality with Roca’s online bathroom planner because 3R has all the tools to design in detail what you are going to need.

To start with, choose whether you wish to be inspired by general panoramic images or by a gallery of ideas on the WC, basin or bathroom area. The next step is to choose a style: neutral, minimalistic, modern bathroom or rather classical. And finally, the size of the room: large, medium or small bathroom. Choose the options that suit you best and see for yourself that there are no rules in bathroom decoration: you are the only one to set them.





Choose, combine… and combine again!

To design your bathroom online, there is nothing like being able to wander through the multiple Roca collections to create different spaces in accordance with your lifestyle and personality. Based on your requirements, display in 3R large-capacity bathroom furniture or solutions conceived for narrow bathrooms, explore the colors of resin shower trays or the different double-ended baths. With the utmost detail, you will be able to view elements such as geometrical tiles or hydraulic tiles, innovate with design bathroom faucets or prepare them for savings with efficient features

It does not matter what your priorities are because you will find everything you need in Roca’s catalogue. Choose elements, dimensions and finishes to renovate the bathroom to your liking, not only with the ideal combination of products but also with the cost that meets your budget. To help you, 3R will show the cost of each choice so that you can decide whether to go ahead or try a different collection.

Welcome to the bathroom renovation!

Roca’s online bathroom planner also has a final planner, which provides total freedom to move the pieces you have chosen based on the dimensions and space distribution of your home. In an easy and intuitive manner, you will be able to visualize your bathroom design in 3D or in 2D. If you are not convinced, go back as many times as you need so as to continue being inspired.

If, after several tests, you have found the right configuration, save it in your tablet or computer and go back to it when needed. You can even share it with family and friends, or with the professional in charge of the renovation and bathroom decoration.

Because a bathroom renovation needs to be done professionally, put your trust in 3R to meet your highest expectations… Regardless of your wishes, you will surely find responses at Roca to make that very important space a reality, the bathroom that best suits your home.