Faucets with retractable spout, twin levers or colored options for modern or vintage kitchens.

In that space where senses are sharpened, where textures, aromas and family stories intertwine, kitchen faucets are secret witnesses of recipes and confidences. In a place where body and soul are nurtured, taps are improved to offer an array of designs and enhanced features. The symmetry of twin-lever models, a touch of color, retractable faucets to refine the basin… In order to help you with your kitchen renovation, Roca faucets bring together the best materials and finishes inviting you to round out your kitchen sink with everything you might need and much more…

Mencia: a touch of color with grey or black kitchen taps

Colors point directly at our sight to awaken sensations and emotions. That is why kitchen faucets cannot disregard them when they reinvent their design with the most original solutions.

Breaking with tradition in the kitchen sink, the Mencia collection not only allows you to install kitchen faucets in White, Black, Titanium or Chrome, but also helps you commit to greater energy efficiency thanks to the Cold Start opening that prevents the involuntary activation of the boiler.

Syra: extra functionality with retractable kitchen faucets

A modern kitchen faucet can stand out for its finishes but also for making your life easier. Conceived to help you fill any container comfortably or to improve the washing up of dishes or the rinsing of food, the Syra collection incorporates the option of retractable spout in its two design versions.

With an angular or curved format, these single-lever kitchen faucets allow you to use water beyond the sink. While a practical button invites users to activate the spray or rain functions, a magnet contributes to recovering the normal appearance of the faucet in an intuitive and simple manner.

Carmen: a retro touch with vintage kitchen faucets

Roca kitchen faucets can also delight those nostalgic users that dream of classic ornamental pieces in which every detail was filled with meaning.

Recovering the baroque Victorian-style edges, the Carmen collection offers a double star-shaped handle and a sinuous spout that rises straight up to end up pointing elegantly at the sink.

Loft: a modern touch with elegant twin-lever kitchen taps

Tradition can often be a source of inspiration… Thus, Loft kitchen sink faucets in a twin-lever version resemble antique taps but find their space in any kitchen decoration projects.

Reinventing the rhythm of the double handle, the Loft collection proposes cross-shaped levers with a minimalistic design and timeless charm.