Each bathroom is a different world, but what is really important is that it is your world. Before starting renovations, make sure you have found the style that best suits your personality and your needs. Come on the journey through different textures, colours and lifestyles, tailored to meet your dreams. Come on, inspiration awaits you.

InspirationIf we wash everything with water, why don’t we wash everything with water?
Roca leads the revolution of water by means of the Smart Toilets.
InspirationA collection that says a lot about you
Discover Inspira, the new vitreous china and furniture collection to design the bathroom you always wanted.
InspirationSurfex®, unique designs, customised solutions for the bathroom
Discover all the advantages of the exclusive material we designed the Modo bathroom collection with.
InspirationMinimal, when purity is the key of style
The cleanliness of lines or the delicate balance of shapes volumes might be the best way of showing personality and character.
InspirationShower… bath… or both!
Both solutions define bathroom spaces in which our well-being and safety come first.
InspirationIdeas for a classic bathroom
Travel in time… with the comfort of the 21st century.
InspirationJoan Lao, design for the senses
"The bathroom can be the ideal space to find yourself, to look after yourself and to reflect. It should be compulsory to see it like that!"
InspirationBasin and toilet in one single piece? Join the W+W revolution
New times demand new answers and Roca intends to create solutions that contribute to a more sustainable future. The acclaimed W+W (Washbasin + Watercloset) is a state-of-the-art product that combines basin and toilet in one single piece.
InspirationDo you dare? 3 ideas to fill your bathroom with colour
Van Gogh´s intense brushstrokes, Picasso´s blues, Mondrian´s primary force…
InspirationIn-Tank: toilet and cistern, all in one
Simplicity, aesthetics and easy installation join in one single piece.