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Faucets that activate automatically when they detect the presence of a user, electronic operating plates with movement sensor, mirrors with light that are switched on with a simple gesture… When the bathroom is put at the service of hygiene, technology make its way to offer solutions that prevent direct contact with hands. Discover Roca’s touchless products, which respond to the WHO recommendations in terms of prevention and control of infections.


Electronic faucets for basins

In the electronic faucet models such as L20 or L90, the water flow activates once the presence of a user is detected, without having to touch the faucet, and it shuts off automatically when the sensor stops detecting it. A highly hygienic and effective solution to fight the spread of viruses and bacteria and to reduce the use of water in our home.

Powered with batteries or connected to the mains, Roca’s sensor-activated faucets are available in a premixed version that supplies water at a previously set temperature and in a mixer version for a precise regulation of the water temperature in each case.



Electronic operating plates for toilets

It is possible to activate the toilet flush without touching it thanks to the electronic operating plates such as EP-1 and EP-2. With a minimalistic design and very easy installation, they are automatically activated when moving our hand in front of them, ensuring maximum hygiene and avoiding any infections due to contact.

With a backlit surface divided into two stripes which are alternatively activated depending on the type of flush (partial or full), they can be set off by simply bringing our hand closer or by choosing the automatic option in which the toilet is instantly cleaned once the user approaches or when a certain time has passed after its use.



Touchless mirrors

Mirrors with integrated touchless technology, such as the Prisma Confort models, allow users to activate functions such as the ambient light or the demister device through movement, thus contributing to the elimination of direct contact with hands and allowing the glass to remain free of stains or traces.


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