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For the third consecutive year, Roca is acclaimed with the Best in Show Award, granted by Associação Nacional dos Fabricantes de Cerâmicas para Revestimentos, Louças Sanitárias e Congêneres (Anfacer).

A select jury chose the product which recognize the successful brand's strategy, which seeks to exalt national design through partnership with Brazilian professionals. Sérgio Melfi, commercial and marketing director and Aline Pereira, marketing manager at Roca Brasil, received the award from the organization.

In 2018, the Ruy Ohtake by Roca collection was acclaimed with the award and in 2019 Roca celebrated the choice of the Infinity collection developed by the architect Fernanda Marques.

Horizon collection, signed by João Armentano

The collection created by the Brazilian architect demonstrates a new language for the brand and is inspired by its concept of the cities, geometry and the play of shadows and lights. To give life to the Horizon collection, João Armentano sought a scale architecture of the objects to enrich, in a sublime and intimate way, the new bathroom designs. All this, without leaving practicality aside.

To achieve the result of the collection, Armentano evoked all the production differentials and technology available at Roca - so valuable in turning the design and proposal of the basis he prepared into reality. Precise lines and straight lines led Horizon, consisting of six models of countertop basins that reveal the application of the geometry scenarios idealized by the architect.

Horizon Collection, signed by João Armentano, is awarded the Best in Show

The countertop basin from the Horizon collection is recognized as the basin at Expo Revestir 2020.