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Roca has inaugurated a new Roca Gallery in the cosmopolitan city of Shanghai. Opened this last June, the Roca Shanghai Gallery stands testimony to our brand’s commitment to making its philosophy and its products more accessible to all our publics.

Designed by Barcelona’s Francesc Rifé Studio, this new space joins our existing Galleries located in four cities that are benchmarks in the worlds of architecture, design and trendsetting in general: London, Lisbon, Madrid and Barcelona.

In addition to raising awareness of our brand’s global nature around the world, the Roca Shanghai Gallery provides a forum for the ongoing dialogue between society and those professionals who share our concern and passion for evolving the bathroom space.

In the words of Xavier Torras, Roca Group Brand & Communication Director, “Shanghai is a strategic business hub that offers countless opportunities. Ever since its arrival in the Asian market in 1999, our brand has been committed to bolstering its presence there by adapting itself to local needs and idiosyncrasies. The Roca Shanghai Gallery provides a further clear example of this commitment and aims to become a benchmark meeting point for sector professionals”.


An interactive space open to the public

Architects Francesc Rifé Studio developed the Roca Gallery concept based on a space with a symmetrical floor plan that is irregular in form. The challenge was to create a space with a personality all its own that could offer easy and fluid routing for the public and that was, at the same time, completely integrated into its surroundings and in continual dialogue with society.

One of the key design concepts that characterises this building is its impact at street level. This effect was achieved by means of a concept that contrasts day and night. During the daytime, the glass façade plays host to a range of product display modules. Come nightfall, a number of translucent screens are deployed, hiding the displayed products and screening Rituals to the outside world. So it is that the building’s façade provides an evocative, fascinating element that captures the public’s attention at all times.

The Roca Shanghai Gallery features a central access door that leads to a room containing all the audiovisual equipment that accompanies visitors on their tour of our history and milestones and on their discovery of Roca’s values: innovation, design, sustainability and wellness. To illuminate this area, a huge mesh of light, based on suspended luminaires, has been created.

So it is that this new space has been designed as a key tool in conveying Roca’s philosophy, history and values, displaying our product innovations and promoting our brand’s commitment to people and the environment.

The Roca Gallery opens its doors in China

After 14 years in Asia, Roca has unveiled the Roca Shanghai Gallery, a new space designed by Francesc Rifé Studio.